Sardonyx Palm Stone

Sardonyx is a beautiful grounding stone that helps to supports integrity of your, conduct, bringing about lasting happiness and stability.

Sardonyx is also known as Red Onyx, Sardian Onyx, Sardonyx Agate or Zebra Agate.

Sardonyx aids in communication and provides its owner with elegant speech, as well as being a valuable ward against evil. Thought to calm relationships, as well as being credited with the power to attract friends and good fortune, this stone is believed to bring happiness to couples.

Material: Crystal
Craft: Hand Carved
Usage:  Decoration, Healing Chakra, Gift
Material:  Sardonyx
Color:  Red/Brown sardonyx
Shape: Palm Stones
Weight:  Approximately 50 - 60 g 
Size:  Approximately 50 - 60 mm