Madagascar Natural Celestite Crystal

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Blue Celestite Cluster, Natural Celestite, Celestite Raw Cluster, Sky Blue Natural Celestite Cluster

Celestite Geodes are beautiful. Each Geode is unique. Celestite is a powerful crystal. Some of the healing properties of Celestite are balancing energy, aiding with public speaking, bringing peaceful energy, inspiring happiness, connecting to your guardian angels and the spiritual world.

This mineral allows you access to the higher transpersonal chakras, and via the crown chakra you open the soul star chakra. The eighth chakra is the source of Divine wisdom, and utilizing this area can aid you in the journey towards ascension and supreme enlightenment.

The stone is so beautiful to look at and its energy is sweet and harmonious, yet it packs a spiritual punch, which is something of a surprise.

At the same time it aids you to discover your spirit guide, contact your guardian angel, and helps with developing the gift of prophecy.

Customer Reviews

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Norberto Will

Thank you for a good copy of Celestin! I really appreciate it! I will still order stones and minerals from you

Camden Heaney

1300grams. Not as good as picture but still beautiful. Took almost 2 months for delivery to Australia

Rosella Kub

Beautiful pieces. Very pleased

Alberta Braun

Beautiful Stone arrived integrates as in photo Beautiful stone very realistic also Photos

Allen O'Reilly

Perfect, excellent communication with the seller❤️